March 11, 2016 release notes


  • Create custom workflows and statuses for strategic goals and initiatives in the same manner as releases, features, and ideas. This enables companies to report on the status of goals and initiatives in alignment with how they already report on progress to key stakeholders for internal strategic planning processes. Goal and initiative workflows are customized in Settings - Account - Configure status, workflows, and feature types.

  • Users can now edit their own ideas in the ideas portal after they have been submitted. Locate the idea you wish to edit either through search or by clicking on the My ideas filter to see your list of ideas. Once you select the idea, you'll now see an Edit idea button which will pull up the idea form and allow you to edit the idea name, description, and custom fields included on the idea form. One field that is not editable is the idea category.

  • Updates to merged ideas providing better traceability and visibility are available and include the following enhancements:

    • A new Idea table filter option Idea merged is available for reports and provides the user with three different filtering options:

      • Show merged ideas

      • Show non-merged ideas

      • Show all ideas

    • The My ideas filter in idea portals will now include merged ideas. Merged ideas in the list will include a "merged" tag and will include a link to the idea it was merged into.

    • Merged ideas will have their statuses updated to be the same as the status of the idea it has been merged into.

  • The Zendesk integration has been updated so when a ticket is linked to an Aha! idea, the customer submitting the ticket is added as the creator and also as a subscriber meaning they will automatically receive email notifications of changes in status.

  • A Filter by Release Phase table consisting of three new filters - Release phase name, Release phase starts, and Release phase ends - is now available for reports.

  • Product - Notes usability updates include underlining and highlighting in blue the selected note that someone is currently working on. In addition, the left hand scroll bar will remain in position to see the active note and will no longer automatically skip to the top.

  • Additional updates for the promoting of custom fields are now available aimed at addressing a few edge cases (documented in linked support note above) that could have resulted in unintentional loss of data. The update includes safeguards to prevent this from happening.

  • The Reports - Old Pivot Table view has been removed with the recent rollout of its replacement -- the new visual charting tool available in the Reports - Chart view.

  • Optionally prevent notification emails from being generated when making calls via the API. This is helpful when importing data into Aha! using the API.


  • Importing releases with different capacity units resulted in problems with the Total Capacity text. This has been corrected.

  • An issue that impacted the dragging of features on the Features - Board when the parking lot was scrolled has been corrected.