January 22, 2016 release notes


  • Organize and view your goals and initiatives by the time frame associated with their strategic execution in the new feature called Strategic time frames. Time frames can be added on both the Strategy - Goals and Strategy - Initiatives screen. Simply click the drop down above your goals and initiatives or open a goal and initiative and click the Time frame field on the expanded card. Benefits of this new feature include:

    • Tracking and organizing strategic goals and initiatives across multiple time frames (i.e. 2015, 1H 2016, 2H2016).

    • Visualizing current goals and initiatives and keeping them separate from what you are planning.

    • Archiving completed time frames so they are hidden throughout the user interface.

    • Filtering and reporting on goals and initiatives and their related releases and features by time frame within each of the Reports - List, Pivot, and Timeline views.


  • Release names on the Features - Board view are now locked to the top so when you have a long list of features, the release name will no longer disappear as you scroll down. Data that is displayed in this top panel includes the release name, release date, # of features, and capacity bar (if capacity planning is enabled).


  • View setting changes for the Releases - Roadmap Gantt chart view are immediately updated once again. This had been supported behavior but had inadvertently stopped working and required a screen refresh to see the change.