January 15, 2016 release notes


  • Significant pivot table report improvements highlight updates for this week and include the following:

    • You now have the ability to show row and column headers. This is done by clicking on the Customize View button on the pivot table page and checking the box beside each option.

    • Quantify and report on roadmap plans and team performance through calculations across rows and down columns. New functions include sum, average, minimum, and maximum. Steps to do this include the following:

      • Click the Select data button to select the type of data to show in your table.

      • If the data can be calculated across rows or down columns, the Calculate section will appear at the bottom and will allow you to summarize the data in your report based on totals, averages, minimum, and maximum values.

    • New Example Reports have been added to the Reports - Pivot view to take advantage of the calculation enhancements. You'll need to have the supporting data in place in order to attain desired results. In addition to being valuable in their own right, they provide good examples for getting acquainted with the setup for the new calculation feature. The new reports include the following:

      • Feature count by quarter

      • Feature score average by release

      • Features shipped by quarter

      • Release count by quarter

  • History has been added as a menu item in the Actions menu for both Goals and Initiatives allowing users to view audit records in the same manner as they can for Releases, Features, Requirements and Ideas.

  • Persona custom field values can now be entered via Idea Portals.


  • An issue that would randomly impact the successful sending of email notifications has been resolved.