February 26, 2016 release notes


  • Create and share visual reports and charts on all of your product roadmap data using the new visual charting tool available as part of the Reports module. One more reason why you'll never need to create product roadmap reports outside of Aha! ever again. Customization options for the Reports - Chart screen include the following:

    • Choose from over 100 data fields and create bar, line, area, and pie charts to communicate important information to stakeholders visually.

    • Chart Editor - Charts tab: Accessed through the green Format chart button, visualization customization options for charts include colors, headers, and labels.

    • Chart Editor - Customize tab: Accessed through the green Format Chart button, change text, colors, formatting, and spacing.

    • Example reports to help get you started include:

      • Goals by status

      • Initiatives by status

      • Ideas by status

      • Releases by quarter

      • Features by quarter

    • Note: This serves as the replacement for the Reports - Old Pivot Table view which will be removed permanently from the application on March 2, 2016.


  • The integration with Rally (now known as CA Agile Central) has been updated to include two-way workflow integration along with support for more advanced mapping of Features and Requirements to Rally Portfolio items.

    • The bi-directional integration includes two-way workflows for the following:

      • Name

      • Description

      • Status information (flows from Rally to Aha! only)

      • Feature start date and due date map to Rally as portfolio item planned start date and planned end date

      • Please note that attachments are not included

    • The advanced mapping options for Features and Requirements include the following Rally portfolio items:

      • Feature - User Story, Requirement - User Story

      • Feature - Feature, Requirement - User Story

      • Feature - Initiative, Requirement - Feature

    • The integration will also continue to support existing Rally integrations that use the Feature - User Story, Requirement - User Story (child of Feature User Story) mapping.

    • The integration automatically installs the webhook in Rally to enable the two-way workflow, thus minimizing the likelihood of setup related usability issues.

    • Adding the webhook for existing installations will require making a change to the integration page even if it is only a temporary change to invoke the webhook install process.

  • Both the Strategy - Roadmap and Releases - Roadmap views have been upgraded to make use of the same filtering paradigm used in other parts of the application. This makes it easier to select initiatives or releases you wish to include and provides flexibility to drive roadmap content by other key business drivers.

    • Note: when adding new records (initiatives or releases) to either view, there is the possibility that the new record won't match the filter that is currently applied. As a result, the new record won't appear until the filter criteria are changed.

  • Initiative start date and Initiative end date have been added as new reporting filters available in the Filter by Initiative table.

  • The dialog windows for Create feature, Create release, and Create idea have been updated to now include searchable drop-downs helping with ease of use when you have long lists of values to choose from.


  • Pasting of text into a text field will now maintain focus on the part of the screen where it was pasted. Previously, the screen would automatically scroll to the bottom, resulting in losing your place in the document and disrupting your concentration. This was particularly problematic when working with long descriptions.

  • When a requirement's status was updated to done, it would automatically trigger an email notification indicating that the feature was done. This has been corrected.

  • Apostrophe's in names such as initiatives were being displayed as "&#x27". This has been corrected.