February 19, 2016 release notes


  • It is now easier than ever to link your strategy through to your product roadmap. This latest update includes a few feature modifications that have a big impact for organizations that have a multi-tier product structure. The feature updates and benefits include:

    • Link releases to any initiative and goal within the product/product line family creating greater visibility into the impact of product level releases on the corporate strategy. It will also help to eliminate having redundant strategic goals and initiatives defined at different levels of the hierarchy.

    • Roll up goals and initiatives to any parent goal/initiative in the product portfolio making it easier to see how individual product decisions serve corporate strategy.

  • The Initiative reporting table has been updated to include additional data columns for improved reporting on initiatives that are linked with JIRA epics. The new reporting columns include the JIRA Key, ID, and URL.

  • Switching identity providers in your SAML 2.0 SSO implementation will first force disabling the current provider before switching to another helping to avoid SSO identify provider conversion issues.

  • The speed of opening feature cards and showing feature details has been improved.