February 12, 2016 release notes


  • Better handling of custom fields between product lines and products are now available. Normal behavior has been custom fields at the product level inherit access to custom fields at the product line level. This generally works well but there would be cases of duplicate fields being created when users didn't realize a field already existed at one of the levels. This was especially the case with the creation of persona and competitor custom fields. New checks and balances have now been put in place to prevent the creation of duplicate fields in the following situations.

    • Upon creating either the persona or competitor template at a product line level, the system will recognize if the custom fields have already been defined for children products. A Promote Persona/Competitor Custom Fields dialog window will appear and will provide you the option to Promote Custom Fields to Product Line.

  • A custom field can be promoted from the product to the product line level in the Settings - Product - Custom fields page by hovering over an existing custom field and clicking on the Promote button.

  • The JIRA integration has been updated so that Issue types that are not included as part of the integration mapping will no longer auto-import into Aha! For example, if your current mapping has Features mapped to Epics and Requirements mapped to User Stories, a Sub-Task added to the same fixVersion will no longer auto-import into Aha! as a Feature. Previously, issue types that were not included in the mapping were auto-imported as Features and was a common source of confusion. The prior solution to exclude non-mapped issue types required adding a JQL filter to the webhook. This is no longer necessary.

  • To-dos are now sortable in the same fashion as other data objects such as requirements, initiatives, and goals. Hover over a to-do to invoke the cross, click on the cross and drag it into the desired and logical position based on due date or other personal preferences.

  • SSO improvements that went out this week include:

    • More descriptive error messages for some common SAML configuration problems.

    • Redirecting users to a previous page after SSO login. If a user clicks on a link that requires logging in to Aha! via SSO, this improvement will redirect the user back to the link after successfully logging in.


  • The login process will now automatically refresh if an entry such as typing in your username minus the @ and domain name is made in error. Previously, the "logging in" button would be frozen even though you were prompted to correct your mistake.

  • Merging ideas to a destination idea that has zero votes or zero subscriptions will now copy the merged idea votes and subscriptions correctly to provide accurate vote and subscription counts.