September 4, 2015 release notes


  • Users can now specify a template for the description of a feature or requirement to drive consistency in how features are defined. Templates are defined by Feature type in Settings - Account - Configure status, workflows, and features types where you customize Feature Workflows and Types. Upon opening a Type field, you'll see the titles "Feature Template" and "Requirement Template" with a text box to the right of each for specifying the text that appears in description fields upon creating a new object.

  • Users now have the ability to define their own "Home page". This is a personal, per user setting where one can select any of the secondary navigation views found under Home, Product, Strategy, Releases, Ideas, Features, Reports, and Notebooks. Select your Home Page from a drop down list in Settings - Personal - Home Page. Upon selecting, a new tab will appear under the Home icon titled "Home" which will take you to the page you selected. The "Portfolio", "My Work", and "Activity" tabs will slide to the right. Please note that "Saved Views" are not a supported option as the Home Page.

  • Enterprise+ customers now have antivirus scanning for file attachments. Aha! will scan all uploads for virus infected files. If a virus is found, the user is informed "This file contains a virus and cannot be uploaded." This only applies to files stored in Aha! and does not apply to those stored in Google Drive or Dropbox.


  • Additional improvements to Aha! Reports continue with the following updates related to release and resource time tracking:

    • A set of new report columns - "Release capacity", "Release work done", "Release work remaining" and "Release work remaining over capacity" - have been added to assist with release time tracking.

    • Create reports on resource time tracking based on actual time logged by members of the team. This is accomplished through a new set of report columns - "Work done on", "Work done", "Work done by", and "Work done for record" found under the new table called "Time tracking event".

  • Features with no "Start on" or "Due on" date that are added to a Release Phase either in the Feature slider page or through the Features - List "Bulk Edit" utility are now automatically assigned a "Start on" and "Due on" date to match the Release Phase. This enables the Feature to automatically appear on the Gantt chart, eliminating a few extra steps previously required to achieve this.

  • The Features "Import from CSV" utility has been updated to allow linking to valid Initiatives.

  • The following usability improvements have been made to the User Permissions dialog box:

    • The table headings are now fixed so they are always visible when scrolling through the list of products.

    • Inherited permissions are now shown. For example, upon assigning someone the role of Contributor at the Product Line level, there will be a visual indicator in the form of a grayed out radio button showing this user has inherited Contributor permissions for all the products under that Product Line.

  • Updates have been made to better handle emoticons in JIRA markup in html2confluence.

  • The Ideas "Visibility" parameter can now be updated via the API and through the "Import from CSV" utility.


  • A bug impacting the change of a release milestone to a release phase has been corrected.

  • Deleting an Idea from the Ideas - List view and being re-directed to the Ideas - Overview screen has been corrected to maintain the original view.