October 23, 2015 release notes


  • Product owners can now customize the top and secondary level navigational tabs displayed for their products. This allows for streamlining the user interface to meet the specific usage needs of each product team. This is managed by clicking on Settings - Product - Navigation and selecting the Customize Navigation radio button. Select the check box for each tab you wish to include, de-select those you wish to hide and click the Update button at the bottom of the page. There is also the option to customize your layout at the product line level to determine which top and secondary level navigational tabs appear for your product lines and child products.


  • Product owners and contributors can now change idea creators. Ideas continue to flow into product managers through channels outside of Aha! idea portals. This feature allows the product manager to submit the idea on the submitters behalf and then add them as the creator. This ensures appropriate credit for the individual that submitted the idea and enables subscriber benefits in the process. Steps for changing the idea creator are as follows:

    • Within Aha!, open the Ideas slider page and click on the "Creator" name. The "Change idea creator" dialog window will appear.

    • Click on the "Existing user" radio button if they are an existing user of Aha! or a registered user of the ideas portal. Select their name from the drop down list.

    • Click the "Create new idea portal user" radio button if they are new and enter their email address.

  • Use the new "Save As" menu option for copying and creating new views throughout the application. This replaces the former two step "Copy View" process.

  • The Import from Jira utility has been updated to allow the user to select which JIRA integration project to use for the import when an Aha! product is integrated with several JIRA projects.

  • The "Released on date" data column has been added to the Release table to aid with the creation of reports that show the difference between planned vs. actual release dates. The value reflects when a release status is changed to a status linked to a status category of Shipped.


  • The "Pending" status filter for To-dos on Reports pages has been updated to include all to-dos that have a pending status including those which are overdue.

  • Cell text will no longer be cut off for the right-most items on the Reports - Timeline page.

  • Features - List filters no longer display old filter names after the filter values have been updated.