October 2, 2015 release notes


  • Features can now be added directly from Initiatives which is valuable when performing a top down design workflow. Click on the Features + button to invoke the "Create Feature" dialog window. Features added here automatically inherit the Initiative and the Initiative dates become the "Start on" and "Due on" dates for the feature.

  • Initiatives can now be moved between products and product lines from within the Initiatives slider page by clicking on Actions - Move to another product. Be aware that some information will be lost in the process including:

    • The link to the roll up initiative

    • Links to all releases

    • Links to Goals which are not available in the new product

    • Custom fields which are not available to the new product

    • Links to integrated records.

Note: The above caveats are called out in the Move Initiative dialog window

  • The "Import from CSV" utility has been updated for Initiatives to include start date, end date, and custom fields.

  • External Release Dates have a new default setting for the date to be the same as the Internal Release Dates. To choose this setting, click on the external release date in the Release slider page, click on the "Round date to" drop down and select "Same as release date". This new setting also serves as the default value.

  • A new Reports table called "Idea Request/Vote" containing nine new columns has been added for improved reporting on the origins of ideas and votes including those ideas submitted through either the Salesforce or Zendesk integrations. The table is broken out into "Request/Vote Columns" and "Request/Vote Integrations" for Salesforce and Zendesk idea origin reporting.

    • Request/Vote Columns:

      • Request created by

      • Request value

      • Request created at

    • Request/Vote Integrations Columns:

      • Salesforce account name

      • Salesforce base url

      • Salesforce related id

      • Salesforce related type

      • Zendesk ticket id

      • Zendesk url

  • The Ideas chart has been updated to match the look and feel of the new Competitors chart for improved consistency.


  • Error messages displayed when the Salesforce integration is not configured correctly or credentials have expired have been improved.

  • Upon entering private comments on an idea, the page will remain on the private comments tab instead of automatically switching back to the Public Comments as it did previously.