November 6, 2015 release notes


  • You can now import ideas into Aha! from UserVoice providing a single tool for idea and product management. This new update is found in Settings - Product - Import from UserVoice. This makes it easy for teams who are capturing ideas in UserVoice to easily move them into Aha! for prioritization and release and feature planning. Key features of this product update include support for the following workflow:

    • Simple, automated tool to export all of your UserVoice ideas and import them into Aha!

    • Import the idea name, votes, users, comments, and idea status.

    • Transfer ideas into Aha! and then use the bulk edit capabilities to update ideas or move them under different products.

    • Prioritize the ideas based on value vs. effort or your own custom scorecard.

    • Prioritize ideas into features in aha! and prioritize them on a roadmap.

    • Automatically keep users up-to-date as ideas get implemented.


  • The recently launched custom navigation feature allows users to enable the Ideas navigation menu prior to creating an idea portal for a product. When that happens, clicking on any of the Ideas secondary menu options - Overview, List, and Chart - will open an introduction to ideas page with a +Create idea portal button that will take you where you need to go to create your ideas portal.

  • Copying a Feature on the Features - Board will now keep you there instead of redirecting you to the Features - Details page, thus providing a more intuitive and less disruptive workflow.


  • Changing the sort sequence of goals through drag-and-drop on the Strategy - Goals page is now maintained. Previously, they would revert back to their original sort sequence upon exiting and returning to the page.