March 6, 2015 release notes



  • Adding an attachment in an Aha! feature or requirement that is already linked to a JIRA item, will now automatically cause a sync action (previously, it would only sync if you then made another change such as editing the description).

  • When configuring the Rally integration, all available projects will be displayed so that you can select which project you wish to integrate (previously was limited to the first 100).

  • Sub-releases are now nested under their Master release on the Releases Portfolio view (when the master release is visible).

  • Viewers can now see the Product - Files tab so they can search and browse existing files in Aha! in one place.

  • You may now add an Ideas's detail view to a notebook.

  • Feature notifications now include Initiatives (previously Initiatives weren't listed).

  • When entering description text in a feature detail using Firefox, your text will be auto-saved even if you click immediately to another feature. There was a Document Object Model issue that has been corrected.

  • # mentions now work on Windows 7 in a Chrome browser.

  • When creating a new product initiative you can now link it to any goal at or above it's level in the hierarchy -- namely, the product line goals above it. Previously you could only select goals in the same hierarchy until you actually created the initiative.

  • All attachments, regardless of type, will now be shown on a Notebook Title page so that, from the notebook detail you can view the attachments. Previously only images were displayed because only images will be displayed on the published notebook. Note: files that are not images will not be displayed in the published notebook's title page.

  • When you filter an orange data block in a column or row, e.g.: select only one product, it will filter the rest of the data for that pivot table. Previously, if you then moved that orange data block off the pivot table, it would keep the filters. Now those filters are cleared appropriately.

  • SSO improvements

    • When a user logs in for the first time via SSO, their existing user account is converted provided the email matches and that user account is not associated with more than one Aha! account.

    • Reviewers and Viewers can correctly be added via SSO on an Enterprise plan (where they are both free users). Previously, the automated process attempted to allocate a seat license. This has been corrected.