June 26, 2015 release notes


  • Search (upper right corner) has a fully updated design, making it easier to see more search results details and apply advanced filters.

  • We've added a custom field to allow numbers only. Choose the Number field to sort by priority, for example.

  • Feature improvements:

    • The Features - Workflow menu view can now be added to notebooks. Save a view you want to share and add it to a notebook.

    • The Features - List view product filter has been updated to show products in alphabetical order.

    • When you bulk edit features in the Features List view, the choices for all fields, including custom fields, now display in alphabetical order.

    • Custom date fields in the Features List view will now change based on the user's locale settings.

  • Saved/shared view improvements:

    • Now, when sharing a view with the team, it cannot be edited by others by default. There is now a checkbox to Allow other users to modify this view.

    • We corrected an issue with shared views. Shared views can now be unshared by unselecting all products and saving the view. This was working for Feature List views, but not for other saved views.

    • Admin users can edit and delete shared views for all users.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) improvements:

    • When SSO is enabled, the login screen now shows the SSO login button more prominently, and hides the email and password behind an expandable link lower in the window. The expandable link still allows for Login with email and password. This makes it obvious to a user that your Aha! account is configured with SSO so they don't automatically enter a username and password.

    • When configuring Google SSO, the admin can now provision new users with a set of default roles by product / product line.

  • JIRA Integration Improvements:

    • Additional field mapping information is now available under Settings - Product - Integrations, next to the fields Feature issue type and Requirement issue type. The Available Fields link will show the fields that will and will not be populated based on whether they are detected as visible on the create and edit screens in JIRA. If they are not available in JIRA you must make changes in JIRA for Aha! to work.

    • Requirements will no longer be imported automatically if the requirement mapping is not specified in the JIRA integration settings.

Miscellaneous fixes

  • Previously selecting an initiative for bulk editing did not automatically check the box to the left of Initiative. This resulted in the change not being updated. This has been fixed.

  • On the Release - Portfolio view, when there is an expanded master release the sub-release is sometimes displayed twice. This has now been fixed.

  • The Home - Portfolio view has been updated to ensure that product selections remain visible when switching products in the Product Hierarchy navigation menu.

  • The product hierarchy navigation menu changes in some views if you click on a feature or release for another product, then switch to a new menu. This has been fixed.

  • When the #mention used to link to another object in Aha! is close to the right edge of the text editor box, the selectable list is cut off and it becomes difficult to select the desired feature, release or idea. This has been fixed.