July 17, 2015 release notes


  • You can now add prefix and suffix notations to Number custom fields, such as $ or %.

  • Custom field values and workflow fields (status or type) will now be copied when copying releases, even when the destination product is different, as long as the same custom field definitions are available and the same workflow is in use. Note that both features and releases must use the same workflows in each product for the status and type to be copied for either features or releases.

  • When the status of an idea changes, an email is sent to idea portal users. This email format has been improved as follows:

    • The email sent to users will use the name of the status, not the status category.

    • Emails will be sent to portal users when the status changes to any status which has "Show in ideas portal" checked. Currently emails are not sent when the status has no status category assigned.

  • The Features - Board view and weekly email updates will no longer include "Will not implement" releases.


  • The Roadmap - Portfolio view now correctly reflects fiscal quarters when added to a notebook.

  • The Ideas - List view now sorts statuses based on status workflow position instead of alphabetically by status name.

  • When making cross-origin Javascript requests, the REST API now responds with the correct CORS headers to an OPTION request.