January 21, 2015 release notes


  • Product Notes are our new wiki-like addition to the Product tab. Product team members can easily create notes by adding pages and sub-notes. We allow parent/child relationships between notes and sub-notes to make organization easier. It's easy to connect people, ideas, features and releases to your notes using @ mentions.

  • @ mentions improves collaboration by enabling you to easily add people, ideas, features and releases to your descriptions and comments. Adding another user automatically adds them as a watcher to that feature or a subscriber to that comment.

  • SSO for Ideas submission using JSON web token (JWT) enables you to configure your private ideas portals so that users of your web application can seamlessly log in using their existing credentials. This is particularly useful when using it in conjunction with the iframe option for Ideas portal. Imagine your users log into your customer portal and have a new idea. They can just click on the Ideas tab you created and enter a new idea without an additional login.

  • The iframe option for Ideas Portal enables you to embed your ideas portal in your own web application so users never have to leave to enter an idea. An added benefit is that it restricts your ideas portal to only those users who have access to your web application. Use this in conjunction with SSO for Ideas.

  • One-way Integration with Rally: Plan your roadmap in Aha!, then send features and releases to Rally. Once a webhook is available for Rally, this will quickly become a two-way integration.

  • Two-way Integration Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation server (TFS Online): Like all new integrations this is two-way and that means you plan your roadmap in Aha!, then send features and releases to TFS and automatically get status updates back to Aha! (Note: This integration uses the REST API that is only available for Visual Studio Online).


  • Admins can now edit comments at any time. This is particularly useful should you need to correct a mistake or remote an inappropriate comment that's part of a Notebook or the public Ideas portal view.

  • You can now bulk send features to development teams (JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, Github, etc.) using the Features List view. Some Aha! products are mapped to multiple development projects. For each product you can create as many integrations with as many development systems as needed to complete your work. Up until now, you could send features over to dev as an entire release or one feature at a time. As soon as you check one or more features on the Features List view, a Bulk Edit menu appears and one of the options is to send features to your dev system.

  • Advanced scorecard formulas are available using the Advanced equation option when customizing your scorecards. In advanced mode, you may define your own custom equation using numbers, mathematical operators, metric values and functions.

  • The new ability to edit the score from the Ideas or Features List view will enable you and your team to prioritize on the fly in a view that includes all of the pertinent information on one screen.

  • Merged Ideas are no longer shown as individual items in the Ideas list view so that they do not cause confusion.

  • Ideas email notifications have been improved to match the format of the features email notifications.

  • Improvements to all notifications have been made so that actions that don't truly edit/add to an object don't cause notifications. For example, the action of clicking in a description to copy text used to trigger a notification.

  • Custom tag fields that exist in Ideas will now be carried over (copied) to Features when promoted providing the same custom tag field exists. Since tags can be created ad-hoc, previously Aha! was not copying them over since they didn't yet exist as a tag value in Features. This has been fixed.

  • You can now import idea categorizations when importing ideas into Aha! from CSV files.