February 20, 2015 release notes


  • Custom Brand Aha! and Aha! Notebooks:

    • Add your brand logo and colors to Aha! so every user can identify with their company.

    • Visually communicate the your company's unique identity by branding Aha! notebooks.

  • Product Files is a new section under the Product tab. This section allows users to view the entire collection of file attachments associated with their product as well as search and filter for specific attachments.

  • Aha! now auto-saves drafts of new records if the user exists out of the screen for any reason. Previously, if a user was creating a new feature and the window was closed, the feature was lost. Now any new item being created in Aha! will be saved and available to finish in the event of an unintentional exit.

  • Users can now bulk edit custom fields through the Features - List view. This was a highly requested feature because it allows custom fields to easily be manipulated in bulk.

  • Bugzilla Integration: Aha! users that manage development in Bugzilla can now send features and requirements from Aha! to Bugzilla. The feature name, description and any attachments will be sent over.


  • Aha! performance improvements

    • Improved Releases - Portfolio load speeds.

    • Improved web link Notebook load speeds.

  • JIRA integration improvements:

    • Auto-import existing JIRA issues when you move them under another JIRA issue that is already linked back to an Aha! Feature or Release. The integration previously supported auto-importing newly created issues.

    • Feature due dates will now sync bidirectionally with JIRA.

    • Attachments added in JIRA will sync to Aha!

  • Github Issues integration improvements:

    • Two-way integration with Github Issues: The Github Issues integration now supports the use of a webhook enabling a two-way integration. Status Updates will now be sent back from Github to Aha! after adding the webhook.

    • Requirements are now sent to Github Issues as a markdown checklist. Previously they were added as new issues, this new workflow should make managing requirements from Aha! in Github Issues much easier!

  • Feature due dates will now sync with Trello

  • The integration field on features is now a searchable item (E.g. Users can enter the JIRA reference ID to search for the corresponding Aha! feature). Use the search icon in the upper right to search Aha!

  • Releases - Portfolio screen will remember your last view so when you navigate away and back, your view will be the same.

  • Feature due dates are now a sortable item in Features - List view.

  • Ideas - List can now show comments as a sortable item.

  • Ideas - List can now display both public and private comment counts separately.

  • Custom fields that are not being used can now be deleted instead of only renamed.