August 28, 2015 release notes


  • You can now add custom fields to your strategic initiatives and create visual reports of your product strategy. This makes it easy to capture information unique to your business and compare your strategic initiatives across your product portfolio.

  • The Aha! color picker has been updated for Pivot and Timeline Reports in the "Customize View" settings allowing you to add your own custom colors for the "color by" values. Choose colors from a color palette or enter your own hex codes per corporate branding color schemes.

  • You can now create custom themes for Pivot and Timeline Reports consistent with your branding. Set Theme = Custom in the "Customize View" settings and select colors from the updated color picker for the following:

    • Table border

    • Header background

    • Header text

    • Header border

    • Cell background

    • Cell border

    • Cell text

  • New users can now be added through the Import from CSV utility. Go to Settings - Product - Import from CSV and you'll see a new option for "Users" in the "Choose the type of records you're importing" dropdown. This will be of particular interest to those that need to set up a large number of users.


  • Aha! Reports continue to expand in scope and value based on ongoing customer feedback. The most recent round of updates include the following:

    • You can now sort on Pivot Report cells with the addition of the column "Sort button". This is the same feature that was already available in the Feature List, Report List, and Idea List views and it functions the same way for Pivot Reports allowing you to sort on multiple column values.

    • The filter selection process has been upgraded to a dialog box similar to the "add column" dialog to better accommodate the growing number of values available for filtering your reports. The first column chooses the table (e.g. Filter by Feature, Filter by Goal, Filter by Release, etc.) and the second column chooses the filter.

    • New filters have been added to the Initiative table called "Initiative start date" and "Initiative end date" to enable time-based filtering on initiatives.

    • The Timeline Reports date range slider bar now displays tooltips showing the selected date range as you drag the timeline dots or the bar itself.

    • Clicking on the "+New Report" button for any report type now invokes a new "Add column" dialog box where you can choose either "Create a custom table" which is current behavior or you can choose to start with one of the example reports.

  • The Releases - Roadmap Gantt chart names column can now be resized to meet your display needs for showing phase, milestone, and feature names.

  • Users will automatically become watchers for notes they create in Product - Notes.

  • The Aha! Developer API has been updated to support feature requests by assignee.


  • The Strategy - Diagram view has been updated to accommodate the display of releases that are connected to goals but not Initiatives. Previously, an Initiative was required to establish the link or the release would not appear connected to the goal.

  • All the recent attention on Aha! Reports has also resulted in the need for some related fixes including:

    • A display bug associated with showing status fields as a row in a Pivot Report when corresponding cell values are null.

    • Tag fields not displaying correctly in pivot or timeline cells.

  • Filtering on the Product - Activity screen now supports using a combination of filters.

  • Features - Workflow has been corrected to ensure the displayed view is in sync with the saved view name being shown.