August 21, 2015 release notes


  • Aha! Reports achieved another milestone with the introduction of the new Reports - Timeline view for creating visualizations on any time-based data in Aha! Use one of the many example reports to get started and quickly create roadmap timelines for your Goals, Initiatives, Releases, Ideas, Features, Requirements and To-dos across all of your products.


  • Customer feedback on Aha! Reports continues to yield improvements in support of various customer use cases:

    • You can now filter reports on numeric fields such as "Feature score" and "Idea score" as well as custom numeric fields. The numeric filter also includes the option to identify numeric fields where no value has been entered.

    • "Release date" and "Release status" have been added as new filtering options

    • A new set of reporting columns provide visibility into how long features, requirements, and ideas spend in each workflow status. The new columns are grouped together by workflow and are named "Status changed to <status 1 ", "Status changed to <status 2 " , etc. with a column for each status. An example column would be "Status changed to In Design".

    • The Pivot Report - Customize View - Color by feature now defaults to using previously selected colors for those data objects assigned colors as part of their set up. This includes products, initiatives, goals, and workflow status.


  • There were a few edge conditions resulting in the display of release milestones as bars extending beyond their milestone date in the Reports - Timeline view. These conditions have been corrected and milestones will only appear as dots on the specified milestone date.