April 8, 2015 release notes


  • The Roadmap Timeline is easier to use and its look has been refreshed. Creating a roadmap timeline is now as simple as: Choosing which releases to add, customizing release and feature details and selecting which features to highlight

    • New color palettes and design make the visual roadmap easy on the eyes. It's easy to distinguish between strategy, themes and status.

    • We now group features into two categories -- "Features" or "Not shown in Notebook" -- to make it clear which features will be published.

    • The goal icon has been changed from a dot to a flag so it represents the "goal-line".

  • You can now keep all notebooks URLs internal to Aha! users by enabling enhanced notebook security settings. Configure enhanced notebook security options in Settings - Account - Security and single sign-on.

    • Choose between the default setting, which allows you to share notebooks with anyone or the enhanced security, which locks access down to Aha! users of your choice.

    • Prevent notebook URLs from being shared with anyone who is not a user in Aha! -- if someone leaves your company, remove their access to Aha! and they no longer can access your notebook URLs.

    • When creating a new notebook, assign product team access to further restrict the teams that can view your roadmap.

  • You can now bulk add features to phases which automatically add the same features to the the Releases Portfolio (gantt chart) view. This view is powerful and enables you to plan out all of your feature timelines and dependencies.


  • Features

    • We've cleaned up the workflow status legend on the Features Board. Just click on Legend to see status by color. This corrects a problem where if your browser was resized, the legend text string would wrap, sometimes hiding some of the statuses.

    • You can easily save story point estimation data from the Features List view to perform additional calculations because we now exclude the "p" from the value. Now you don't have to clean up the data before using built-in calculation functions.

    • You can now filter features within, before or after a certain create date. For example, this is useful if you need to show all new features created in the current month or quarter.

  • Ideas

    • You can now more easily find all the ideas from one company by filtering by 'created by email domain'. If you want to sort ideas by company, just add it as a column in your list and all ideas submitted with the company domain will show up.

    • We added instructive text to make it clear that in order for an Ideas email address to be created for a product, your product must be part of an active Ideas portal.

    • When creating a custom field as part of an Idea portal submit form, you can add a helpful description. Previously, if someone ignored the field, the instructive text would get added as part of the submitted idea.This has been corrected.

    • You can now filter ideas within, before or after a certain create date. For example, this is useful if you need to show all new ideas created in the current month or quarter.

  • Custom fields can now be cleared. Sometimes you may inadvertently add a value from a drop-down select list. Now you can clear it.

  • Notes are easier to use because dragging no longer expands all sections.

  • When an SSO user is added to Aha!, they are no longer sent a link to set their password. Because SSO users don't use an Aha! password this was confusing.

  • Performance has been improved by moving large "delete" jobs to the background, e.g.: integrations, product objects, etc.

  • In Internet Explorer, editing a feature or phase name inline on the Releases Portfolio view caused the panel to scroll. This is fixed.