October 15, 2014 Jira enhancements

The following capabilities are now live for all JIRA integrations and will dramatically improve the synchronization between the two systems. Please read this to know what improvements have been added.

Aha! is designed to help you and your product team work together to define the strategy and roadmap and prioritize features and their requirements (aka stories and sub-tasks). This means that ideally you would work as a team on the product roadmap and features in Aha!

When your features and requirements are fully vetted and agreed to, you can then move the release and all of the features and requirements into JIRA with one click under Actions while looking at a release or feature-by-feature when looking at a feature.

We have thousands of users who depend on this integration and the following enhancements have been driven by them. If you are one of them, you have likely asked for a more seamless and real-time integration. And that is exactly what this release delivers.

Auto-syncing Aha! will automatically sync changes to JIRA immediately when a linked feature is changed in Aha! There is no longer any need to choose “Update JIRA” to have changes sent to JIRA. To send a feature to JIRA for the first time you must still choose “Send to JIRA” from the Actions menu. The description of a feature or requirement is not sent immediately when it is edited. There is a five minute delay after the last edit before the description is sent. This is to reduce the number of emails that JIRA sends as the description is incrementally updated in Aha!

Note that if the linked feature is updated in JIRA during that five minute delay -- the changes from Aha! will not override them and the description field in Aha! will reflect the changes that were made in JIRA. The changes that were entered in Aha! will be logged though and can be accessed in the history for the description. Use the clock icon in the top right corner while looking at a description to see its history. Auto-importing If a new issue is created in JIRA that belongs to a record that is already link to Aha!, then the issue will be automatically imported to Aha! This applies to issues created under a version, stories created in an epic, or sub-tasks added to an issue. Currently an issue will not be automatically imported to Aha! if it is created outside a linked record and then moved so that it belongs to a linked record. Comment-syncing New comments added to a feature or requirement in Aha! will also be added to the linked issue in JIRA. Any attachments on the comment in Aha! will be added to the issue in JIRA. Reporter field When features or requirements are sent to JIRA the reporter field will be set to the JIRA user who has the same email address as the Aha! user who originally created the feature or requirement. Requirements integration fields added to Features List view In the Features - List view you can now display integration fields for requirements as well as for features.