October 3, 2014 release notes


  • Requirement status will update Feature status under the following conditions (however, you can still change the Feature status once it has been auto updated):

    • If one or more requirements is changed to "In progress" the feature status will change to "In progress."

    • If all requirements are changed to "Ready to ship" or "Shipped" the feature status will change to "Ready to ship."

  • The My Work screen now includes a "List" view of all features assigned to you, categorized by release. Features are now on the left, Tasks are now on the right. You can also filter this screen by different users.

  • Update existing features using the CSV import (found under Settings - Product).


  • Feature links are now anchors so that you can right click and open a feature in a new browser tab or window. This makes it easy to compare feature details side by side.

  • When an idea is promoted to a feature, the status will automatically change to "Planned".