October 14, 2014 release notes


  • Ideas management has been significantly enhanced with the addition of two portal types: private and public. Your community of ideas users can now search for, submit, vote and comment on ideas to make their voice heard -- these actions will subscribe them to the ideas. Subscribing to ideas will ensure that they are notified for major status changes, including when an idea is implemented.

  • Inside Aha!, Product Owners and Contributors will continue to use the Aha! dashboard, list, and chart to prioritize ideas with the added ability to gauge popularity by the number of votes and comments an idea has received.

  • Visibility of ideas can be controlled based on the portal type and user type, and Aha! product owners can also edit the visibility after an idea has been submitted.

  • Portal users can be managed to ensure full control over who can submit ideas and what they can see.

  • Bulk edit ideas to change visibility, status, product and assignee. Also, add or remove tags and categories through bulk editing.

  • See the full list of capabilities in the Aha! Ideas support section.


  • The Home MyWork screen has been revamped and you can now see a Feature List view. This view shows all features and their statuses that are assigned to you. Click on a feature or the release to bring out the detail slider.

  • You can now update existing features through a CSV import. This is especially helpful if you want to export features via the Features List view to work offline, then import them again. Ensure you follow the directions for importing carefully.

  • Feature status changes will now be driven by requirement status changes. You will always have the ability to change a feature status manually.

    • If ANY requirement has a status in the category of In Progress, then the feature status is explicitly “In Progress”

    • If ALL requirements have a status in the category of Done, then the feature status is explicitly “Done”

    • If ALL requirements have a status in the category of Shipped, then the feature status is explicitly “Shipped”

    • If ALL requirements have a status in the category of Will Not Implement, then the feature status is “Will Not Implement”

  • Feature status is now displayed in the Strategy Goals screen

  • You can now customize the color of goals.

  • Feature links can be opened as a new tab (via a right click).

  • When deleting a feature from the Features Board view, you will no longer be moved to the Features Detail view.

  • The Aha! REST API now retrieves read permissions of users.