November 7, 2014 release notes


  • Create product ideas from support tickets! You can now create new or link to existing ideas right from Zendesk. Customers sometimes ask how to achieve something and it turns out, it's really a new feature or enhancement they want. Now, with two clicks of a button, you can link the support ticket to a new or existing idea. As that idea changes status, the status will automatically be updated in Zendesk so that you can communicate to your customers.

  • By default any ideas sent from Zendesk will not be visible in any portals to ensure the privacy of your customers. However, you can change the visibility settings in the Ideas Detail view or bulk edit them in the Ideas List view. Then ask your client to vote or comment on them and they will become subscribers. This removes any manual notification because subscribers are automatically notified as key status changes occur.


Feature management improvements

  • Microsoft Office attachments are now viewable inside Aha! so that you do not have to download and open them.

  • You can now scroll through features on the Features Detail view without the main details screen moving. This will enable you to scroll down through a long list of features but still see the details in your view.

  • Tasks are now To-dos to make it easier for folks to understand that they are not engineering related. To-dos are for the product team to manage non-technical work such as reviewing a feature description.

  • We've made adding multiple features easier and faster by adding a button to Create Feature + Add Feature.

  • When you add new features, they will be added to the top of the releases -- in other words they will be ranked first.

  • When you delete a feature, you will stay on the same screen and it will reload automatically.

  • You can close sliders by clicking on the "X" next to Details.

Ideas improvements

  • You can now see history for Ideas under the Action menu.

  • The Ideas portal is now responsive (will auto-resize to fit) across devices, e.g.: mobile, tablets and laptops.

  • When you merge ideas together, the votes and subscribers will be copied over to the primary idea.

  • Manually adding a new employee/partner user now saves correctly so you do not have to set and save the employee/partner flag again.

  • Aha! users credentials will be used to allow access to the Ideas portal. Users must log into Aha! (not the Ideas portal). When an Aha! user attempts to self-register or log into the portal with their Aha! email address, they will get a friendly message instructing them to log into Aha! first.

  • The description for the Idea Category is now shown in the Idea portal.

Integration improvements

  • Group chat integrations have been improved to send only important and interesting updates.

  • Logged time can now be sent via the Aha! REST API.

Other improvements

  • Initiatives that are marked "Achieved" or "Abandoned" can now be hidden or viewed by choosing to view In Progress or All.

  • The default color for Initiatives can be overridden.

  • Clicking on a comment on the home page will now bring you to the comment within the feature and you will not have to scroll to find it.

  • When you ship a release, the comments you enter will also be sent out in the email notification.