November 14, 2014 release notes


  • Take customer support requests and turn them into ideas with the new Zendesk integration. As the idea makes its way through the roadmap, status changes are automatically highlighted in Zendesk — so it’s easy to see and communicate how the customer’s request is progressing through product development.

  • We've revamped how attachments work. Now you can view your Microsoft documents right in Aha! -- no need to download first! You can also easily page through all of your documents, annotate and rename them in one screen -- no need to click on each one at a time.

  • Have documents in your Google Drive you don't want to update and reattach every time? You don't have to. Just attach your Google Docs from your Google Drive and Aha! will always show the latest version.

  • Use Dropbox? We've got that too. Attach your docs from Dropbox and Aha! will keep them up to date for you.


Feature management improvements

  • You no longer have to move one feature at a time when working on the Features Board. Multi-select features with the shift key, then move them where you want.

  • When you convert a requirement to a feature, a link between the two features is automatically created so you can show the relationship between the two.

  • When you open a feature slider on the Features Board a light outline will indicate which feature is open.

  • When you drag cards to change rank order on the Features Detail page, you will no longer see the text from the card beneath.

Ideas improvements

  • Ideas portal invites will now last 1 month to accommodate folks who may be on vacation or don't act on emails as often.

  • In private portals, subscribers of ideas will receive notifications when comments are added by other subscribers. To provide context, the notification will include the previous comments.

  • We've added a new category to the Overview screen: Popular.

  • We've added an activity stream to the Overview screen to show the latest public comments.

Integration improvements

  • Requirement descriptions can now be updated via the API.

Other improvements

  • We've collapsed goals to make it consistent with initiatives. While we were at it, we also made it easy to delete or reorder goals to change the priority.