Note: This article discusses functionality that is included in the Aha! Notebooks Advanced plan. Please contact us if you would like a live demo or want to try using it in your account.

Aha! Notebooks | Workspaces (Advanced plan)

Workspaces enable your team to collaborate on notes and whiteboards in the same account. A workspace is a shared space that multiple people can access — so you do not have to share notes or whiteboards individually with your teammates. Users with account customization permissions in Aha! Notebooks can add new workspaces. There is no limit, so add as many as you need.

add a workspace in Aha! Notebooks

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Think of a workspace as a shared notebook. Anyone with access to a workspace can access the documents within it. Workspace documents are set up just like personal documents, only they are not private. Members of your workspace with contributor permissions can edit workspace documents and share them with people outside your account.

You can have as many workspaces in your account as you need. To keep your Aha! Notebooks account tidy, you can configure your workspaces into a hierarchy that makes sense to your organization. Your workspace hierarchy will be comprised of workspaces and workspace lines:

  • Workspaces are organized around themes of work — what you will deliver to your customers or users.

  • Workspace lines are a way for you to organize your workspaces into families, suites, or groups. Workspace lines can also represent any level in your organization, such as business units, divisions, and your company. Therefore, a workspace line can contain other workspace lines and workspaces.


The workspace selector is a dropdown menu in the upper left of your screen. It contains all the workspaces that a user has permission to access. Use it to navigate between workspaces and your My work page (your personal documents and to-dos). Users with account customization permissions can also add a new workspace from the workspace selector.


Configure your workspace hierarchy

Setting the right hierarchy is important if you want it to be easy to navigate your account. You can start by setting up either workspaces or workspace lines under Settings ⚙️ Account Workspaces. You can rearrange your groupings at any time. You can adjust your workspace hierarchy by creating a workspace line and then selecting which workspaces belong to it. Or you can select a workspace and choose which workspace line it belongs to.

Only administrators with customization permissions can create, delete, or configure your account's workspace hierarchy.

Note: Workspaces cannot be converted to workspace lines and vice versa.


Add a workspace

  1. Click Add workspace.

  2. The Workspace parent line field shows where your workspace fits into the hierarchy — specifically which workspace line is a workspace's parent in the hierarchy. This field is optional since a workspace might have no parents.

  3. Name your workspace. The Name field is the name you would like to display throughout your Aha! Notebooks account.

  4. Add a prefix. Aha! documents use the Prefix field to build unique identifiers for documents in that workspace line. The abbreviation you pick here should be a good shorthand for the workspace. You can edit it, but editing the prefix will not change any records created with the original prefix.

  5. Click Create workspace.

Click Save workspace to save your changes when you are done.

Note: You can quickly add a new workspace without navigating to your settings by clicking + Add a workspace from the workspace selector dropdown.


Add a workspace line

  • Click Add line.

  • Select the workspace line your new line belongs to (if one exists). The Workspace line field shows where your workspace line fits into the hierarchy — specifically who a workspace line's parents are in the hierarchy. This field is optional since a workspace line might have no parents of its own.

  • Enter a Name, Prefix, and Label.

As a best practice, give workspace lines the same Label for equivalent hierarchy levels.

  • Add any child workspaces or workspace lines (if they exist). Then click Create line.

Click Save workspace line to save your changes when you are done.

Once you create a workspace hierarchy, you can select which workspace or workspace line you are going to work within from the workspace selector dropdown in the upper left of Aha! Notebooks. This dropdown allows you to expand or collapse workspace lines, type to search for a specific workspace, and also saves the three most recent workspaces you have viewed for faster access.


Move workspaces to a new workspace line

If your workspace hierarchy changes, you may need to move a workspace or a set of workspaces to a new workspace line. Moving a workspace to a workspace line can impact your users' access to that workspace — so before doing so, navigate to Settings ⚙️ -> Account Users and filter the list of users by the workspace(s) you intend to move. Make sure that the appropriate users have the appropriate user permissions in the new workspace line.

To move a workspace, click Edit next to the workspace or workspace line from Settings ⚙️ -> Account Workspaces. Then select the new parent line from the Workspace parent line dropdown and click Save workspace.