Aha! Notebooks | To-dos

From improved productivity to increased creativity, creating checklists can help you stay focused and stay on track. To-dos in Aha! Notebooks provide you with a convenient way to track everything you want to accomplish. Create to-dos for tasks, communications, and reminders — then enjoy the satisfaction of checking them off as you complete them.

Check off your to-dos in Aha! Notebooks

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Create a to-do

  • Navigate to your To-dos page and click Add to-do.

  • When the Create to-do modal opens, enter a Name for your to-do.

  • Enter a Description of the task that you need to complete.

  • Select a Date that the task will be due.

  • Click Create to-do.

If you are subscribed to the Aha! Notebooks Advanced plan, you will also have an Assigned to field where you can assign to-dos to other people in your account. When you do, the to-do will appear on their My work page and on their to-do page.

You can standardize to-dos to ensure the requests you make to teammates have the right amount of information and context each time. Create a note template in your workspace for your to-do. Then add the template to your to-do description from the text editor toolbar when creating it.


Set up recurring to-dos

By default, a to-do is oriented around a single due date. But a recurring to-do can serve as a great reminder to complete tasks you perform on a regular basis. You can set a to-do to recur daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or on a custom schedule.

To create a recurring to-do:

  • Create a regular to-do, including a Due date.

  • Click the Recurring dropdown and select the repetition interval.

  • Once you select an interval, you can see the Due date for the next to-do iteration.

  • Click Save to create your to-do.

The next occurrence of a recurring to-do will be created in one of two scenarios (whichever comes first):

  • When everyone assigned to the current to-do has completed it.

  • When you reach the current to-do's Due date.

A few more details are helpful in knowing what to expect when you set a recurring to-do:

  • Every instance of a recurring to-do will use the original to-do's Name and Description.

  • When you edit a recurring to-do's Name, Description, Due date, or Assignee(s), you will have the option to apply your changes to future to-dos. Once you have finished editing, you will see an option at the top of the to-do to Update future to-dos.

  • When you delete a recurring to-do, you will have the option to Delete the single to-do or Delete and stop recurring.

  • If a to-do is never completed, the recurring to-do will still be created — but it will not be created until the due date of its preceding to-do.

  • Only current to-dos will appear in reporting. Recurring to-dos that the system has not yet created will not be included in reporting.


Track to-dos

Your To-dos page will list all the to-dos you have added to Aha! Notebooks by due date. The page groups to-dos into Overdue, Due this week, and Due later.

Use the Due filter at the top of the page to filter to-dos for the day, the next 7 days, the next 30 days, or the next 90 days. Select the Completed filter to see to-dos you have already checked off.

You can also track your to-dos from the top of your My work page. From either location, click a to-do to expand it and see its details. Check it off when it is completed to remove it from your list.

If you are subscribed to the Aha! Notebooks Advanced plan, you will also have a toggle to filter to-dos between Assigned to me and Created by me to help you track both personal and team tasks.