Aha! Notebooks | Getting started

Welcome to Aha! Notebooks — your product knowledge hub. Aha! Notebooks empowers you to scale knowledge sharing. Create beautiful documents and share them with key stakeholders — so everyone can access the information they need. From the moment you first login to Aha! Notebooks, you can begin using notes and whiteboards functionality, creating and assigning to-dos, start ideating your next plans, and collaborating with your team.

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Bring everything together


Product ideas. Market research. Customer calls. You have a lot to write down — and you can capture it all in notes. Take notes in Aha! Notebooks as you are talking to customers, ideating with your team, or planning an upcoming product launch. Organize your notes in a customizable hierarchy of folders so they are easy to reference. Add dates to notes — so the notes you need for the day are always on hand from your My work page.

Notes in Aha! Notebooks


Visualize your thinking — build out and refine concepts with digital whiteboards. You can create beautiful diagrams, user flows, and journey maps from scratch, or start with a template and have a structured brainstorming session with the whole team.

Think visually with whiteboards in Aha! Notebooks


You never lack things to do. Keep up with all of your daily tasks and stay productive by tracking everything in your digital notebook. View your to-dos in a chronological list on your To-dos page or take it day-by-day by viewing your to-dos from your My work page. Then enjoy the satisfaction of checking off your to-dos as you accomplish them.

Filter your to-dos by In progress or Completed.

Filter your to-dos by In progress or Completed.

If you are subscribed to the Aha! Notebooks Advanced plan, you can create shared workspaces so your team can access shared collections of notes. You can also assign to-dos to other users in your account — enhancing your team's workflow efficiency.


Get inspired

Template library

A tried-and-true template can be a blueprint for productivity — from meeting agendas to product requirements, templates provide you with a clear framework to work within. Use an expert gallery of note and whiteboard templates for every step of the product development lifecycle.

Aha! template gallery

AI writing assistant

Good writing is essential to building lovable products. Convey the right message with help from an AI writing assistant. Use the AI writing assistant to draft emails, refine what you have already written, summarize long passages, and more.

AI writing assistant in Aha! software

Your data is not used in the AI data model.


Collaborate seamlessly

Share with anyone

Bring stakeholders into the creative process with real-time collaboration — without adding users to your account. Share a document with anyone and customize viewing and editing permissions per person, so you always control who can access your documents. If the person you want to share with does not have an Aha! account, they can create a free guest account and collaborate on anything you choose to share with them.

Collaborate on whiteboards in Aha! Notebooks


Invite your teammates (Advanced plan)

Build a single repository for all your product information in a workspace that your whole team can access. When you subscribe to the Aha! Notebooks Advanced plan, you can add unlimited workspaces, then add teammates to your account — so the whole team can access, edit, and add documents from one place.

Collaborate on a whiteboard in a team workspace


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