Aha! Knowledge | Sticky notes

Sticky notes are a versatile whiteboard element. You can use stickies just like you can other whiteboard shapes, but they are intended for capturing text. Use them in brainstorming sessions, in collaborative reviews, or to jot down your own ideas.

Brainstorming session whiteboard with multiple users.

To create a single sticky note:

  • Click the Note icon in your whiteboard toolbar.

  • Select a Color. You can color code sticky notes for certain types of feedback or assign each color to a specific team member.

  • Click anywhere on your whiteboard to insert it.

Need to insert many sticky notes at once? Use the Sticky note pack template. Insert it multiple times for more notes.

Once inserted, sticky notes behave like any other whiteboard shape, with a few key differences:

  • Convert any sticky note to a wide note (to fit more text) or to any other shape from the Shape button on the sticky note toolbar.

  • Add an Emoji reaction from the same toolbar.

  • Right-click on your whiteboard to Show/Hide note authors. This will show you the name of the last person to edit a sticky note.