Aha! Knowledge | Shapes

Add shapes to your whiteboard to build diagrams and illustrate processes, show relationships, visualize early-stage plans, and more.

Decision tree whiteboard template

Create a shape by clicking the Shape icon on your toolbar and choosing a shape. Then click into your whiteboard to insert it.

  • Resize a shape by selecting and dragging its corners.

  • Rotate a shape by selecting the rotation icon and dragging it to your desired angle.

  • Format a shape using the customization options above it — you can edit the fill color and opacity or the line weight, color, and style.

  • Add text to an object by double-clicking the object, then begin typing. Align text you have added to an object by selecting the object and clicking the Align button.

  • Add a comment with the comment icon on the shape's toolbar.

  • Lock the shape so that it cannot be edited.

  • Use the More options menu to cut, copy, paste, link to, or group the text box, as well as bringing it forward or back in relation to other objects.

Shapes often exist in relationship to other shapes — and just as often, you need to add duplicates of the same shape. You can do both of these things easily:

  • Click one of the small blue dots that appear outside the shape's border. This will create a copy of the shape joined by a connector to the original.

  • Click and drag to create a connector without creating another shape. If you end the new connector in another object's small blue dots, those two objects will remain connected even if they are moved later.