Aha! Knowledge | Knowledge base settings

Your knowledge base settings enable you to configure your publishing workflow and customize the look and feel of your knowledge base.

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This article discusses functionality that is included in the Aha! Knowledge Advanced plan. Please contact us if you would like a live demo or want to try using it in your account.



The Title section is where you can customize the title that will appear in the header of you knowledge base. This header will appear on every page.


The settings in your Authentication settings determine who can access your knowledge base.

  • Public: Anyone with the URL can access your knowledge base.

  • Password: Visitors must enter a password to view your knowledge base.

  • SSO: Visitors can be authenticated to your knowledge base via single sign-on.

Publishing workflow

The settings in your Publishing workflow settings determine when changes you make to documents will appear on your published knowledge base website:

  • Publish as you write: Document edits are immediately visible in the knowledge base.

  • Publish after drafting: Draft changes can be published when you are ready.


Document navigation

Check the box next to Hide root document if you want to display child documents as the top level of your knowledge base.

Folder display

Choose how folders are displayed by default in the lift side navigation:

  • Collapse all: This option will collapse all folders, showing only the names of top-level folders.

  • Expand top level: This option will expand only the top level folders in your knowledge base.

  • Expand top two levels: This option will expand the top two levels of folders in your knowledge base.

  • Expand all: This option will display all folders expanding, displaying all folders and documents in your knowledge base.




This color setting affects links and buttons in your knowledge base. Click the color icon to select a color or enter your own custom color using a hex code. You can also revert to the default Aha! Knowledge color if you need to.

Upload your company, product, or knowledge base logo here. It will be visible in the upper left corner of your knowledge base website. The optimal size and dimensions for your logo would be 480px by 300px, with a preferred aspect ratio of 1.6:1. Click Remove logo to remove your logo.


Upload a favicon here. It must be .png, .gif, or .ico, and 16x16 pixels. Click Remove Favicon to remove it.

Custom domain / CNAME

By default, your knowledge base URL is in the format accountname.aha.io/kb/kbtitle. If you prefer to use a URL with your company's own domain to create a unified brand experience for your knowledge base visitors, click Add a custom domain. In the Add custom domain modal, enter your CNAME and select whether you want Aha! Knowledge to manage the SSL Certificate or manage it yourself. Click Save to save your changes.

Customize navigation

Choose what appears in your knowledge base navigation from here. Select from links or buttons, which will appear in your brand color.

To add a navigation item:

  • Click Add Navigation Item.

  • Enter a Title. This is the text that will appear in navigation.

  • Enter a URL. This is the destination of your navigation item.

  • Select a Style. You can choose a link or a button.

  • Choose a Position — left, center, or right.

  • Click Save.

Custom URL path

When you publish a knowledge base, it is automatically assigned a random unique number ID as part of its URL path. Updating the Custom URL path replaces this random number ID — so you can simplify your knowledge base URL.

Enter your desired URL extension in the field provided. It must be comprised of lowercase letters and numbers. You cannot use spaces or special characters, but you can separate values by hyphens.