Aha! Knowledge | Tags

Tags help you easily categorize your documents, making them easier to find in search.

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Create new tags

You can create tags at the account level, let users in your account create tags as they work, and/or manage tags from view.

  • Navigate to Settings Account Customizations Tags.

  • Click Add tag to create a tag and assign it a color. Your tag can include letters, numbers, or emoji.

  • Hover over a tag and click Edit to edit its name or color.

  • Hover over a tag and click the More options button, then Replace to replace a given tag with another existing one or click Delete to delete an existing tag.

If you do not want users to be able to create their own tags on a particular record type, add a Predefined tags field to that record's custom layout instead of a Tags field.


Add tags to documents

Scroll to the bottom of any document. Click the Tags field to select from tags that have been added to your account. If your account customizations administrator has enabled the ability for users to create new tags, users will also be able to type into the field to create a new tag instantly.