Aha! Knowledge | Notifications

In-app notifications will alert you to changes in real time directly so you will never miss an important update.

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View and manage your notifications

When you have an unread notification, you will see indicators in three locations:

  • The browser tab will include an orange dot.

  • An orange dot will appear on your profile picture.

  • An orange dot and the number of unread notifications you have will appear next to Notifications on your My work page.

Click Notifications from your My work page to access your notifications. Alternatively, click your profile photo and select Notifications.

Your most recent unread notifications are shown when you first arrive on the notifications page, but you can use the filters on the left to view specific categories and types of notifications.

Mark individual notifications as read after you are done with them, or click the Mark all read button at the top of the page to clear all unread notifications. Marking notifications as read in your Aha! account before a digest email is sent will prevent the update from being sent. If an email is sent before you have marked the in-app notification as read, any notifications you view in your email will be marked read in your Aha! account.


Star notifications for quick reference

When you need to mark a notification for later action, you can click the star icon in the upper right corner of a notification. These notifications will be added to your Favorites list on the left.


Get notified instantly with desktop notifications

Enabling desktop notifications will enable your Aha! account to automatically notify you when a new update is made to a document you are watching while you have an Aha! application tab open in your browser. Click the alert to open the new notification and respond.

To enable desktop notifications, click the Enable desktop notifications link in the prompt at the top of the page, or click the More options menu at the top right of the notifications page and select it there.

Desktop notifications are supported by the following browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.


Opt out of notifications

There are two ways to opt out of notifications:

  • Administrators with billing permissions can disable notifications for single or multiple users in your account from the Settings ⚙️ Account Users page. To do this, check the Bulk edit box beside a user's (or users') name, and click Bulk edit user.

  • Individual users can opt out of notifications for a particular workspace, or a particular type of relationship with documents (documents you are watching vs. documents you are participating in) from the Settings ⚙️ Personal Notification preferences page.

If a user has opted out of notifications for a particular workspace, to-dos that are not associated with a document (i.e., to-dos created from the + dropdown in the upper right of your screen) will still notify that user. Since those to-dos are not associated with a document, they are also not associated with a workspace.