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Not all of your colleagues use the same tools — or need access to your Aha! account. Invite a guest to view or edit your document, so you can collaborate without adding an additional seat to your Aha! account.

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Guests are anyone outside your Aha! account with whom you want to collaborate on a document. You can invite a guest to collaborate on both text documents (notes) and whiteboards. Guests are free, do not take up a paid seat in your account, and can only access the documents you share with them individually.

When you invite someone to collaborate, they can view the document from their own individual guest account. A guest creates their account from an invitation to collaborate. Once they have created their account, they can collaborate on any document that someone from any Aha! account shares with them. Guest accounts do not expire.

Guest accounts cannot create new documents or access documents in your account that you have not shared with them. They cannot create, assign, or view any other Aha! records.

When someone logs into their guest account, they will see a Shared with me page with all the documents that others have shared with them.


Invite a guest to collaborate

To invite someone to collaborate on a document as a guest, open the document and click its Share menu. Copy the shareable URL. Then send the URL to the person you want to collaborate with.

  • If the collaborator does not yet have a guest account, they will be prompted to create one.

  • If the collaborator currently has a trial of any Aha! product, they will be able to view the document. If their trial expires and they have already accessed documents that have been shared with them, their trial account will be converted to a guest account and they will be able to continue to collaborate on new and existing shared documents.