Aha! Knowledge | Images and media

You can add an image, audio, or video file to a note from your text editor toolbar. When you add media, it will appear alongside the text in your note. Inserted audio and image files will include a Play button — so anyone who has access to your note will be able to play the audio or video file you have added without leaving your note.

If you are an Aha! Knowledge Advanced subscriber, and you publish a note that includes audio or video to your knowledge base, visitors will be able play audio or video by pressing the Play button.

To add media, click the Image icon in your text editor's toolbar. Then select the media file you would like to add and click Attach. The file will appear inline and also as an attachment to your note.

Supported audio file types include mp3, .wav, and .ogg. Supported video files include .mp4, .webm, and .ogv, and should be smaller than 300MB.

You can also embed media hosted by YouTube, Vimeo, or Figma. Paste the media's sharing URL to embed a preview. If the media is a video, you can play it directly from your note.