Aha! Knowledge | Draft text with AI

Generate clear, impactful content in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. Use AI to craft initial drafts of product updates, emails, blog posts, and more.

Drafting text with the AI writing assistant in a workspace note

Click the wand icon in the text editor toolbar to open the AI modal. From here, you can use the Examples menu to start with an example (which can be adjusted to suit your purpose) before clicking Draft. If the examples do not fit your use case:

  • In the I am writing field, enter the type of content you want to create. For example, if you are writing a blog post, enter blog post.

Identify your audience and the length of the piece you are writing. The more specific you are about what you are working on in your prompt, the better the results you will get.

  • Enter as many or as few key points as you want to include in your content in the The key points are field.

  • Enter the tone you want your content to have in the The tone is field. This is an optional step — but we recommend it for best results.

Experiment with tone to fine-tune the message you want to convey in your piece. Use your brand's style guide for guidance when you are unsure.

  • When you are satisfied with your prompt, click Draft.

You will see the AI modal generate text in real time. When it is finished, you will have several options:

  • Use Redraft for an alternate version of the text using the same prompt. This will remove the current draft and replace it with a new draft.

  • Use Edit prompt if the results are close to what you were looking for but you would like to add some more key points or context, change the tone, or provide additional instructions.

  • Delete the text to close the AI modal and go back to your document.

  • Click Insert to use the content the AI-generated. Collaborators in your document or workspace will not see your AI draft until you insert it.

Once you have inserted the AI-drafted content, use the text editor to make changes to improve accuracy or stylistic choices.

After you have drafted content with AI a few times, you will get a deeper understanding of which types of prompts work best for you. You can reuse prompts that work for you consistently and edit them for new purposes. Select the wand icon and click Previous prompts in the lower right corner. The last four prompts you used will populate. Click Use next to the prompt you want to reuse and edit it to suit your purpose.