Aha! Knowledge | Co-editing

Creating impactful documentation often takes collaboration. Whether you are co-authoring, copy editing, or brainstorming together, documents in Aha! Knowledge are built for collaboration. Configure editing access to a note or whiteboard for everyone who needs it and edit together in real time.

a document that several people are co-authoring together

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Configure editing permissions

Workspace contributors can edit a workspace's documents. You can decide whether or not workspace reviewers can edit a workspace's documents by default (an account administrator can configure this in their workspace settings). However, you can set edit permissions for reviewers and guests on a per-document basis.

Workspace access

  • Open a document and click Share.

  • Select Workspace.

  • The default reviewer access for all documents in your workspace will be pre-selected next to Workspace access. You can override default View access by changing workspace access to Edit for the document.

Guest access

  • Open a document and click Share.

  • Select Edit from the dropdown if you want guests to be able to edit your document by default.

  • Configure Edit permission for individual guests who have accessed your document using the dropdown next to their names.


Co-edit notes

Multiple users can simultaneously edit and see other users editing in the text editor. When more than one user is present in the same editing session, other participants are shown as flags that display those users' names. The flags move in real time as other users make updates in the text editor.

To begin collaborative editing, start by modifying a description field or noting where your fellow collaborators are currently adding content.

In addition to live collaboration, you can also include users or Aha! documents with # and @ mentions. Notify your collaborators of a record or note by typing an @ symbol followed by the user’s name. Add links to other documents by typing the # symbol, which will let you look up a document directly from the text editor using either the reference ID or the name of the record. Click on a mentioned user to open their user history in a new tab. Click a mentioned record to open its drawer view.


Co-edit whiteboards

Your team can navigate, edit, and add new details to whiteboards at the same time. When multiple users edit a whiteboard simultaneously, you will see an avatar for each user as they navigate around and edit objects. You will not see avatars of users who have View access to your whiteboard.


Lock editing

You can protect any document from accidental edits so you do not lose important information. Click the document's More options menu and click the toggle to Lock editing. When the document is locked, you and anyone else who has permission to edit the document will need to click an Edit button at the top of the document before applying new edits.

Use the More options button to unlock a document when you are ready.

Workspace contributors can lock and unlock editing for workspace documents.