Aha! Ideas | Research tab

You should not have to wonder what your customers want. But research takes time, and product builders lead busy lives. The Research tab puts all your investigative tools in the right place: on the Aha! record where you will apply your insights.

On the Research tab, you can jot down notes, link to existing customer feedback, and explore related ideas. If you are an Aha! Ideas Advanced plan customer, you can analyze feedback by customer organization, solicit feedback from inside your own application, or invite your most engaged users to answer a survey — or join you for a live feedback session.

Everything you learn will be one click away at critical points in the product development lifecycle, from budgetary and prioritization meetings, to design and product marketing. And at every step, you can move forward with confidence in your decisions.

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Start with documents. In the Brainstorm section, you can Link to existing customer, market, or product research that you have compiled, or Add a new note or whiteboard. If you want some inspiration, scroll through the expanding template library — try the Research and Ideate categories — for a way to structure your thoughts and guide your team collaboration.

When you add a new note or whiteboard to a record's Research tab, that document is created in a new folder called Research in your workspace-level documents. Navigate to Knowledge Documents to see all the documents created on Research tabs across your workspace.


  • Documents you add to a record's Research tab will always be added to a folder called Research in your workspace-level documents, in a sub-folder named after Ideas, respecting any terminology you have customized.

  • If you rename these folders, new ones will be created once you add a new note or document to a Research tab.

  • If you already have a folder called Research, new documents will be added there.



Great work comes from great ideas. In this section, Link your work to relevant customer feedback from your ideas portal. When you do, you can see the votes for each linked idea, and if you are an Aha! Ideas Advanced plan customer, you can also see the number of individual organizations who have votes for each idea. For Aha! Roadmaps customers, this section will also show any ideas that have been promoted. Everyone who voted or commented on an idea promoted to an item on your roadmap will be updated automatically as the work progresses through the product development lifecycle.

Whether promoted or linked — when the work is complete, the Ideas section of the Research tab gives you a quick list of ideas that might need an official launch announcement.

When there are at least two linked ideas on a Research tab, Aha! Ideas Advanced plan subscribers can use AI idea analysis to gain valuable insights — including potential revenue and top use cases. Click Analyze with AI to generate a structured note with a detailed analysis, including a summary, key use cases, and more.

If you are viewing an idea's Research tab, the ideas table will show the idea itself along with any merged ideas — so you can see all idea data in one place.


Perspectives (Aha! Ideas Advanced plan)

Expand your research with insights you gather directly from your customers. The Perspectives section of the Research tab contains three Aha! Ideas Advanced plan records:

  • Use polls to gather quantitative research.

  • Use empathy sessions to host live feedback sessions with interested users.

  • Use community feedback widgets to solicit feedback from people as they use your product — and focus the conversation on the specific part(s) of your application that you need to gather research on.

Click Add to create a new record, or Link existing to link to a poll, empathy session, or widget that you have already created. Once you have added or linked to one of these records, they will get their own section in the Research tab.


Rearrange the Research tab

By default, the Research tab appears near the end of a record's tabs — just after Related. If you want to feature your research more prominently, customize your view record layouts so that it comes earlier in the tab order.


The Research tab introduces a new type of record link. Records you link to the Research tab will show up in reports as Has research for, to help you differentiate research from critical dependencies.


Add links to information that is stored outside your Aha! account, such as product analytics, financial reports, usability tests, and reports in other systems so you do not have to search for it when you need it.

To add an external link to the Research tab, click the Add button in the Concepts section. Then select Link. The Add link modal will open, where you will have two options:

  • Aha! link: Choose this option to add a note that already exists in a workspace that you have access to. Use the dropdown to search for the desired note and click Add link to add it.

  • External link: Choose this option to add any link that exists outside of your Aha! account. Add a Name for the link, a URL, and click Add link.

After adding a link, it will appear in a table displaying the link, the link's creator, and the date the link was added. If you add a link to an existing document within your Aha! account, the date displayed will reflect the date the document was created.

Click a link to open it in a new tab. To remove a link, hover over it to reveal the option to remove it to its right.