Aha! Develop | Use Aha! Develop with Aha! Roadmaps

Once you have enabled Aha! Develop in an existing Aha! Roadmaps account, you use the two products together.

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Create your first Aha! Develop team

  1. In Aha! Develop, navigate to Settings ⚙️ → Account → Teams. You will need to be an administrator with customization permissions to do this.

  2. Click Add team. The team will need a Name and a Prefix. The prefix is added to the record identifier of all records created by this team.

Throughout the Aha! Develop user interface, teams will appear with a Teams icon beside them that looks like this:


Add team members to your team

By default, the person who creates a team will be added to it. You can also add more members to the team.

  1. In Settings ⚙️ → Account → Teams, click your team's Name or number of Members to open the list of team members.

  2. Click Add team member to add more users to the team.

  3. You can choose Existing users in the account, or add a New user to the account.

  4. If you choose to add a new user, check the Trial user box so that Aha! Develop users do not count against your Aha! Roadmaps subscription.

  5. Choose the role for the team member. For most team members this should be Contributor. If you want the user to also be able to manage the team and add future team members, choose the Owner role.

Note: Only people who will be assigned work in the team should be added as team members. You can adjust your team visibility to let other users in Aha! Roadmaps and Aha! Develop see this new team.


Team visibility

By default, only members of a team will be able to see the team. You can make the team visible to other users of Aha! on the Permissions tab of the team configuration. Here you can choose to associate the team with a part of your Aha! Roadmaps workspace hierarchy. All users who have access to that part of the workspace hierarchy will inherit the same permissions for this team.

Note: When you view the Team board by navigating to Work → Team board, you will only see team members, not users with workspace hierarchy visibility permissions.


Assign work to a team

Epics, features and requirements in Aha! Roadmaps will now have a new Team field. This field may not be visible if it is not included in your custom layout.

Work can be assigned two teams in two ways: by pushing work to the team, or by teams pulling work from a roadmap.

Push work to a team

When you are ready for a team to start work on a record, choose the team on the record to assign it to the team. You will see that once a record is assigned to a team a second Status field will appear on the record. This is the Team status. Each record has two statuses:

  1. The roadmap status, just named Status, that holds the status of the record in Aha! Roadmaps.

  2. The Team status that indicates the status within the team the record is currently assigned to in Aha! Develop.

Pull work to a team

During sprint planning, or while working on the workflow board, teams can pull work from a roadmap.

  1. Navigate to a team using the workspace/team dropdown.

  2. On the Plan → Sprint planning screen, or the Work → Team board screen, expand the backlog sidebar on the left. It is titled Roadmaps.

  3. Drag work directly from the backlog into a sprint or a team member's section of the board.


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