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Aha! Develop | Getting started

The best development teams move fast. Your focus is on delivering the best possible experience. So you naturally want the freedom to customize your workflow to match how your team works. Building a tailored environment that removes friction enables you to prioritize with control, deploy as you desire, and see everything in one place.

Welcome to Aha! Develop — a fully extendable agile development tool. You can completely customize the UI, workflow, and integrations through extensions. Create your team's ideal workspace so that you can plan, work, and visualize everything related to your development process.

Let's get you acquainted with your new account. When you first log in, you will see a navigation that is organized into three tabs:

  • Plan: Manage your team's backlog and plan upcoming work into sprints and releases.

  • Work: View an individual or team-based kanban board of activities.

  • Document: Use a wiki-like space to collaboratively add key notes and document useful processes.

Extensions offer endless possibilities for customization. Try out the example extension shown in the blue banner at the top of the page when you log in. When you are ready, visit any backlog view to import available extensions or build your own. If you can imagine it — you can write an extension in Aha! Develop to realize it.

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