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Aha! Develop | Delivery risk report (Advanced plan)

Ambitious plans at scale rely on single features — just like any other work. And because of cross-functional critical dependencies, if a single feature is in trouble, it can have an outsized impact on your ability to deliver innovative functionality on time.

Delivery risk report showing at risk records in a sprint.

The delivery risks report displays at-risk records so that you can resolve, own, accept, or mitigate trouble while it is still in your control. Thanks to alerts on the program increments view, this report is especially effective for teams that use the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) for planning and delivering software. But it will work equally well for any team that uses automatic or manually flagged risk alerts.

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Access the report

There are three ways to access the delivery risk report:

  • Navigate to Reports Delivery risk.

  • From a team line, navigate to Plan Program increments. Then from the Sprints tab of a program increment details view, click on the At risk indicator above a team's at risk sprint.

  • From a team, navigate to Plan Sprint planning. Click on the At risk label above an at risk sprint.


Filter the report

If you click into the delivery risk report by clicking on a sprint, it will show delivery risks for that sprint by default. If you navigate to it from the Reports menu, it will show you delivery risks for the current sprint in your Aha! Develop team. Either way, you can filter the report to group records differently or to change the report's focus.

  • Group by: Frame the report in a helpful context for a product audience. Group the available records by Release, strategic Initiative, Aha! Roadmaps Workspace, individual Aha! Develop Team member, or Sprint.

    The values you Group by will always be alphabetically listed.

  • Workspaces: Filter the report to records delivered for particular Aha! Roadmaps workspaces.

  • Releases: Filter the report to records delivered in specific Aha! Roadmaps releases.

  • Initiatives: Filter the report to records delivered in support of individual strategic initiatives.

  • Team members: By default, the value delivered report looks at your entire team. You can filter it for one or more individual team members to highlight their contributions over a given time period.

  • Sprints: Select any sprint(s) in your current team.

If you filter the report for multiple Sprints and group records by Sprint, the report will show a stacked bar chart of record risks across all selected sprints.


Use the report

The delivery risks report separates work into At risk or On track, so you can sort records in your selected sprint(s) at a glance.

  • Hover over any column in the report to see the status, sprint, and record count of that data point.

  • Click on a section of the report to generate a pre-built list report of all records in that sprint. Click on any record to open a drawer view and adjust details. The report will update automatically with any new information.

Then, start conversations.

  • If a record was automatically flagged, was the risk alert appropriate? Does it indicate broader workflow or process trouble?

  • If a record was manually flagged, discuss it. Is a teammate over capacity? Is there a dependency here that has not been documented?