Aha! Develop | Store extension data

You may want use extensions to store and retrieve data that so that you can use extensions to simulate record fields, keep track of state, or temporarily cache information from another system. If your extension needs to save data that it can later access, it can use an extension field to store it on a related record.

Extension fields are arbitrary data that can be associated with an extension and stored on an Aha! Develop record.

await record.setExtensionField('aha-develop.github', 'prs', [1234, 5342]);

const prs = await record.getExtensionField('aha-develop.github', 'prs');

const allFields = await record.getExtensionFields('aha-develop.github');

Extension fields are available on features, epics, and requirements. They can also be used on a user object for data relating to a specific user or an account object for account-wide extension data.

Extension fields can be read and written through the Aha! Model API or the Aha! GraphQL API. When updating the data, the last writer wins. We recommend that you use smaller, more specific fields in order to avoid conflicts between multiple writers.