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Aha! Create | Personal settings

Profile settings enable you to personalize your Aha! Create profile. Open your profile settings by clicking your initials in the upper right corner and selecting ⚙️ Settings.

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User profile

The user profile settings control how you look in Aha! Create, and how you want your account to display time.

  • Use Picture to upload or replace your profile picture.

  • Use Name to update your first or last name.

  • Use Email to update the email associated with your user account.

  • Use Time zone to change your local time zone. Aha! Create will display the time zone you choose.

  • Use Locale to set the way that Aha! Create will display dates and numbers. By default, it will be determined from your browser's settings, but you can change it here if you need to.

  • Use Week begins to determine the first day of the week for your calendar view in your Aha! Create account.

Click Update user profile to save your changes.


Change password

You can also change or reset your password from your profile settings.

  • Use the Change password settings to update your password. Click the ? icon next to the New password field to see the password requirements.

Click Update password to change your password, or Forgot password to reset your password.

Note: If you created your account through Google single sign-on, you can manage your password within your Google account.


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