September 30, 2022 release notes

New to Aha! Roadmaps and Aha! Develop

You can now capture initial, detailed, and actual estimates in three separate fields — improving the way you assess effort and manage your team's workload.

Better estimate and track engineering work in Aha! software

Note: If you are on the Aha! Roadmaps Enterprise+ plan, advanced estimates will now appear in the Initial estimate field. Any other estimation values will appear in the new Detailed estimate field. Use the Actual effort field to log progress as work gets underway.


All Aha! accounts

You can now add labels to connectors on whiteboards — so you can specify transitions and add context to flowcharts and diagrams. Double click on a connector to add a label.

Aha! Develop

You can now fetch comments from a record via the Model API and subscribe to comments with an event handler extension contribution.


  • We have repaired an issue that was causing text after a typed / character to be deleted in notes after clicking away.

  • We have resolved an issue that was causing corrected misspelled words in tables to appear at the beginning of the cell instead of replacing the misspelled word.