Agile product roadmaps for agile teams

Aha! Roadmaps helps teams take an agile approach to building and communicating strategy. Extend agile methodology to your product management process to drive cross-functional alignment on your overall vision and product goals.

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Set strategic goals, understand your customers, and build your product roadmap — all within an agile environment

Take the agile approach to product management

Agile product management helps you plan and build better products. Managing work in short increments enables you to adjust as you go — so you can adapt to customer feedback and changing priorities with flexibility.

Learn throughout the product cycle, continuously calibrate your roadmap, and collaborate with engineering to quickly deliver value.

Define your agile product strategy

Build, share, and evolve your agile roadmap

Agile product management comes to life in the form of an agile roadmap. Unlike a waterfall process with rigid requirements and time frame commitments, an agile roadmap accommodates inevitable changes while still delivering on promises.

Building an agile roadmap starts with defining strategy. Cross-functional communication comes next — input from your development team is critical. Tying user stories to strategy, managing releases, and acting on customer feedback are all essential steps in managing a successful agile roadmap.

Build an agile roadmap

Get started with agile roadmap templates for product managers

Agile product roadmaps should communicate your strategic direction to cross-functional teams and demonstrate how each feature ties into the product plan.

An agile roadmap template should include:

  • Strategic initiatives and goals

  • Planned releases and features

  • Requirements for technical work

Effective agile roadmap templates are flexible — allowing you to reprioritize features and incorporate input from users.

Explore roadmap templates

Learn the essential tips for agile product roadmaps

Agile roadmap tips and best practices center on adaptability, communication, and responsiveness. As a product owner, your primary focus will be setting the product vision. It is essential to share your roadmap with other teams to secure strong buy-in and tell a comprehensive story.

As features are prioritized and released, regularly review and adjust the roadmap to incorporate customer feedback and changes within your organization. Agile roadmapping software can simplify these steps and integrate with the agile development tools you already use.

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Frequently asked questions about agile roadmaps

What is an agile roadmap?

An agile roadmap is a product management tool that visualizes your strategy and helps you communicate your areas of focus.

What is the difference between agile development and roadmapping?

Agile is a widespread methodology focused on transparency, collaboration, and adaptability. Agile development is a method for engineers building software. Agile roadmapping is for product managers defining strategy and planning releases.

What does an agile roadmap look like?

Agile roadmaps let you visualize strategic themes, related epics, dates and periods of time, and other pertinent information. A visual roadmap helps internal and external stakeholders and engineers understand how their daily work relates to the big-picture plan.

How do product managers build agile roadmaps?

Product managers follow several steps to build agile roadmaps, from setting strategy to capturing ideas and measuring results that all align with agile methodology.

How do I make an agile roadmap?

Once you set your strategy with a clear vision and goals, you can use agile roadmap templates and agile roadmapping software to start defining your product plan.