Stay flexible with agile product roadmap templates

Aha! Roadmaps helps product teams take an agile approach to product development. Drive cross-functional alignment on your product strategy, visualize plans on an agile roadmap, then build and deliver new experiences for customers.

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Set strategic goals, build an agile roadmap, and deliver more value — all in one roadmapping tool

Take the agile approach to product management

Agile product management helps you plan and build better products. Managing work in short increments enables you to adjust as you go — so you can adapt to customer feedback and changing priorities with flexibility.

Learn throughout the product cycle, continuously calibrate your roadmap, and collaborate with engineering to quickly deliver value.

Define your agile product strategy

IT portfolio roadmap

Create a strategic agile roadmap

An agile roadmap is a flexible plan of action for achieving your product vision. Building one starts with defining your strategy — outlining what you will deliver and when. Putting strategy at the forefront of your roadmap shows the impact your plans have on the overall business.

With Aha! Roadmaps, product managers can set product strategy and then tie it to supporting themes, epics, and user stories on your agile roadmap — so you can visualize everything in one view.

Build an agile roadmap

Feature roadmap in Aha!

Gather cross-functional input

Share your agile roadmap to help foster transparency and rally everyone around what you want to achieve. That way, you can gain input from engineering, leadership, and customer-facing teams to ensure plans are comprehensive and realistic.

Customize any agile roadmap view in Aha! Roadmaps to highlight what your audience wants to know — from high-level themes to timelines or work in progress. Then easily share via built-in reports, presentations, and secure webpages.

Share your agile roadmap

Try agile roadmap templates for product managers

The best agile roadmaps are adaptable — with the ability to dynamically update as you incorporate user feedback and priorities change. Get started with an agile roadmap template in Aha! Roadmaps to visualize:

  • Strategic initiatives and goals

  • Planned themes, epics, and user stories

  • Requirements for technical work

  • Timelines and progress

Explore agile roadmap templates

Aha! Develop backlog management page focused on the prioritized backlog.

Streamline hand-offs between product and engineering

As your engineering team builds out the features defined on your agile roadmap, you want to stay closely connected to the work being done. Use Aha! Develop and Aha! Roadmaps together to create a unified agile environment — so product management and engineering are informed of updates in real time.

When you use Aha! Roadmaps in tandem with Aha! Develop, you can even prioritize roadmap-driven and technical work in a single backlog. That way, both teams have a greater level of clarity on priorities — and what will deliver the most value.

Unify product management and engineering


Integrate Aha! Roadmaps with 30+ tools

Create a variety of roadmaps

Frequently asked questions about agile roadmaps

What is an agile roadmap?

An agile roadmap is a product management tool that visualizes your strategy and helps you communicate your areas of focus.

What is an agile roadmap?

An agile roadmap is a dynamic visual tool that communicates timelines for major themes of work — informed by high-level strategy. Agile roadmaps provide transparency for stakeholders and teammates.

What is the difference between agile development and roadmapping?

Agile is a widespread methodology focused on transparency, collaboration, and adaptability. Agile development is an engineering method of building software. Agile roadmapping is how product managers apply agile principles to defining strategy and planning releases.

What does an agile roadmap look like?

Agile roadmaps visualize strategic themes, related epics, dates and periods of time, and other pertinent information. This helps internal and external stakeholders and engineers understand how their daily work relates to the big-picture plan.

How do product managers build agile roadmaps?

Product managers follow several steps to build agile roadmaps, from setting strategy to capturing ideas and measuring results that all align with agile methodologies.

How do I make an agile roadmap?

Once you set your strategy with a clear vision and goals, you can use agile roadmap templates and agile roadmapping software to get started building an agile roadmap.

Expand your roadmap expertise

The Aha! team has decades of product management experience. And we want to share that knowledge so you can build lovable products and be happy doing it.