Marketing Roadmap

Highlight your go-to-market activities and present a unified plan

Create a marketing roadmap and manage your campaigns and launches

Marketing organizations require a roadmap to track everything they do and stay in sync with the product team and strategy. That's hard because customers, markets, and technologies are so dynamic and unpredictable today. The best marketing teams think strategically and execute with precision while collaborating with colleagues in sales, product, and support along the way.

Marketing teams love Aha! for roadmapping

Aha! gives marketing teams what they need to stay close to their product management co-workers and manage all of their go-to-market activities. It's finally possible to keep stakeholders in the loop and the marketing team focused on what will drive customer growth. With Aha! you can collaborate with the organization and manage revenue driving campaigns and cross-functional product launches with ease.

Aha! was a breath of fresh air — an attractive, smartly designed solution built by product people, for product people. Aha! has helped our team foster improvements in organization, communication, and transparency.

Jeremy Naiden Product Manager Liquid
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Aha! is a better way for marketing groups to drive growth and be happy

Align marketing strategy to campaigns

A great marketing roadmap starts with a clear vision and the key goals for the group. Aha! makes it easy to create initiatives and set objectives and link them to your specific programs. You can also work with the team in a shared canvas to define the detailed campaigns that you need to run across your marketing channels to drive customer acquisition and thought leadership.

Define buyer personas

Personas are examples of real buyers who influence or make decisions about your product or service. Use Aha! to define your customer segments as part of your marketing strategy and link buyers to your programs. These same definitions can be used by both marketing and product management to further drive alignment around who you are trying to delight.

Keep the sales team informed

Did someone in sales or communications ask you for your marketing roadmap today? Or request a date for when you will go-to-market with that new killer feature that was just released? With Aha! you can keep the cross-functional teams you depend on up to date so they know when the next marketing campaigns and product launches are happening.

Over 250,000 users trust Aha! for their roadmaps. Read more about out how marketing teams use Aha!

Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software
The world's #1 roadmap software