Consulting Roadmap

Build a roadmap for your clients and highlight the value you deliver

Create a project roadmap to manage client requests and your work

Consulting groups need a roadmap to track what clients have requested and to keep projects on track. They also need to be able to easily update clients on progress and monitor who is doing what and how much time the team is spending on the work.

Consulting teams love Aha! for roadmapping

From pre-project planning to collaborating with clients, Aha! enables you to build the products and services that matter to your customers. And by having one tool to track all of your client projects, you can maintain your sanity and work more efficiently. Capture your customer's requirements, prioritize them and show them what's coming next, and they will love you for it.

Aha! is a spectacular product from a company that really understands strategizing, planning, and managing a portfolio. It's so easy to use, intuitive and just the right fit for what we are trying to do.

David Burton VP Product Development Certain, Inc.
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Aha! provides a better way to manage client projects and do great work

Stay aligned with clients

You deliver awesome work when you know exactly what your client wants. Aha! makes it easy for you to help your clients define their strategic goals and align the work that you are doing for them against those goals. And even better, it's easy to record and share back with them what they have asked for to ensure they approve a request before you get going.

Bring everyone together

You need a central, secure place to allow your team to work with all your clients, even if one client is hundreds or thousands of miles away. You can manage all of your projects in one account, but keep the projects and users completely separate. Record detailed requirements, post mockups, and capture customer feedback in one place. Aha! is the one tool you need to virtually connect your teams and allow them to plan and manage complex projects with busy clients and cross-team dependencies.

Increase project transparency

Did a client ask you for an update on their project the other day? Or request a delivery date for the new feature they just requested? Aha! makes it simple to share beautiful project roadmaps with your clients. No more spending hours tweaking presentations or juggling multiple spreadsheets for a simple status update meeting. Keep everyone informed in real-time and stop the email and phone call madness.

Over 250,000 users trust Aha! for their roadmaps. Read more about how consulting teams use Aha!

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