Aha! Ideas + Zapier

Connect the apps you love

This integration with Zapier provides a simple way to connect Aha! Ideas with other web applications. You can create lightweight interactions (called "zaps") for routine tasks — such as capturing new ideas and assigning tasks. For each workflow, you will need to define a trigger that starts a zap and an action that completes it.

Automatically collect ideas

Seamlessly submit new ideas from other applications. For example, you can connect Aha! with sales and support systems to create an idea in your Aha! Ideas portal. This ensures that all feedback is stored in one centralized location for you to review.

Assign tasks to other teams

Create tasks in other apps. This is useful when you need input on an idea from teammates that are not yet Aha! Ideas users. You can also set zaps for Aha! Ideas records that trigger emails, add rows to a spreadsheet, create reminders, and more.