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Integrate Aha! With Bitbucket

Bitbucket is a free code DVCS hosting site for Git and Mercurial that allows you to manage your development with a hosted wiki, issue tracker and source code. Host your code online in as many public and private repositories as you want. Manage your projects with confidence with built-in issue trackers, wikis, code comments, and pull requests.

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This integration allows you to push your completed features and requirements in Aha! into Bitbucket Issues. Bitbucket is is a free code DVCS hosting site for Git and Mercurial and is growing in popularity, so this integration was increasingly being requested and was an obvious addition. When you have completed your product roadmap and feature planning in Aha! you can move features into Bitbucket Issues for the engineering team to work on. You can send them individually or in bulk for a sprint or release.


Create the integration in Aha!

  1. Click on the Add new integration button below.
  2. Enter your Bitbucket username and password. Click the Test connection button
  3. After a short delay, you will be able to choose the repository the issues will be created in.
  4. Enable the integration.
  5. Test the integration by going to one of your features in Aha! and using the Send to Bitbucket Issues item in the Actions menu on the features page. You should then look at your repository in Bitbucket and see that the feature (and any requirements) were properly copied to issues.
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