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Centralize product information

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Build a product knowledge hub

Add colleagues to your Aha! Roadmaps account so they can create notes and whiteboards

Give everyone a space to innovate and share bold concepts
Work with the broader team to build lovable product experiences
Save costs by eliminating standalone notes and whiteboard tools
Notebooks Advanced workspaces

Involve your entire team

Make Aha! Roadmaps your product knowledge hub — so everyone can collaborate in one place. It is time to end the chaos of document and tool sprawl. Bring everything and everyone related to your product together. You will streamline the way you share ideas and gain business alignment.

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Make everyone a creator

Empower key stakeholders in your organization to create notes and whiteboards — capturing everything from user research to process flows, wireframes, release notes, and more. This makes building lovable products a team sport that sales, marketing, support, and deployment teams can actively participate in.

Having whiteboards available within Aha! software helps us consolidate our product development tools and bring all of our planning into one environment.

Aha! Roadmaps user

Notebooks- Guided Templates

Gather feedback

Use tools such as sticky notes, live reactions, voting, and inline comments to rally the broader team around breakthrough ideas. Include Aha! views in documents and link directly to work items for greater planning context. Assign to-dos to streamline review cycles and get the input you need.

Drive alignment

Drive alignment

Get all of your stakeholders on board. Whether teammates are in the office or remote, easily connect during brainstorming sessions, product planning discussions, and team meetings. When you are ready to move forward, turn concepts into actionable plans in just a couple of clicks.

Top Aha! Notebooks Advanced capabilities

Empower stakeholders

Work side by side with Aha! Notebooks users in your existing Aha! Roadmaps account.

Document everything

Craft beautiful notes using rich formatting options to style your writing exactly the way you want.

Create whiteboards

Use powerful drawing functionality and quickly visualize your thoughts with models and diagrams.

Choose a template

Explore a library of more than 100 expertly crafted note and whiteboard templates — or create your own.

Draft with AI

Use an AI writing assistant to draft new content or improve existing content.

Collaborate live

Work alongside others in real time or asynchronously to gather input and share suggestions.

Gather feedback

Use built-in collaboration functionality to capture comments and vote on different approaches.

View Aha! records

Open up Aha! record links within documents to gain additional insights into product plans.

Track tasks

Stay organized with the ability to assign and be assigned to-dos across the team.

Expand collaboration

Give guest access to people outside of your account (such as customer advisors and consultants).

Connect to your roadmap

Turn concepts directly into work items to go seamlessly from ideation to implementation.

Add on Aha! Notebooks Advanced users

Add Aha! Notebooks Advanced users to any Aha! Roadmaps Enterprise or Enterprise+ plan to empower everyone in your organization to create notes and whiteboards

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