Quantify your feedback analysis

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Accelerate customer feedback analysis

Build reports and charts to understand feedback trends, review top product ideas, and make informed prioritization decisions


Choose from a variety of reports to effectively review and present your data.


Determine the potential impact of ideas against your business goals.


View the status of all requests and report on innovation progress.

See clearly

Tell the complete innovation story. Compile key information in a custom list or pivot report to gain meaningful insights. Beautiful visualizations — such as column, bar, line, pie, and scatter charts — bring your data to life. Choose from a growing library of example reports or quickly create your own from scratch.

Review new ideas

A list report is ideal for evaluating recently submitted requests. Include standard or custom fields, such as status, categories, and score. Then filter your report to narrow in on the most relevant data. Sorting the report by score helps you quickly determine which ideas will create the most value for your business so you can make informed prioritization decisions.

Highlight progress

Gain an in-depth view of how your innovation efforts are progressing. Create a pie chart to visualize the proportion of ideas that have already shipped, are likely to be implemented, or are for future consideration. Quickly convert the chart into a pivot table and add a summary row to track the number of ideas by status.

Analyze by segment

Gain a holistic understanding of what customers are asking for. Create a report with as many custom fields as you like. This flexibility means you can capture additional details about each organization and person who has submitted feedback. With all that data at your fingertips, it is easy to analyze requests by key segments and discover trending ideas across audience types.