Frequently asked questions about the in-app feedback widget

The in-app feedback widget creates opportunities for you to gather feedback from your customers and analyze that feedback in your Aha! Ideas account. When we first discuss the in-app feedback widget with customers, these are some of the most commonly asked questions.

This article is part of a three-part series on the in-app feedback widget:

Note: This article discusses functionality that is included in Ideas Advanced. Please contact us if you would like a live demo or would like to try using it in your account.

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How do I control where the feedback widget shows in my application?

When you install a feedback widget, you can select target URLs to control which page (or pages!) of your application will show that widget. If you want the widget to appear on many pages, you can use wildcards to describe where it should appear (instead of listing every page individually). You can also customize your widget branding to choose which corner on the page (bottom left or right) your widget should appear.

Additionally, when your engineering team installs the widget code, they can exclude it from application pages which should never show any widget.


How do I control which users see widgets and which do not?

When your engineering team installs the widget code snippet, they can specify conditions for when to enable the widget code on the page. For example, they could enable the Aha! Ideas widget code for paid users only, and not trial users. Then no widgets could ever be displayed for the trial users.

In Aha! Ideas, you can also create separate applications to represent different sets of users.


How do I install it in multiple applications?

You can create separate applications in Aha! Ideas to represent each application where you would like to install in-app feedback. Each widget you create is then assigned to an application where it should display.


What if the URL for my application does not change for each page? How can I use the feedback widget in a single-page application?

When developers install the widget code snippet, they can pass in pseudo-URLs to identify the pages of the application. An Aha! Ideas user can then control where a widget displays in an application by using these pseudo-URLs in the widget’s Target URL field.


Can I install this on third-party internal sites like benefits sites and wikis?

Yes. Your developers will need to be able to add the widget code to the third-party site and pass in the user ID.


Can I use a feedback widget on a public web site?

Not at this time. The widget code snippet requires a user ID, which means that your users must be logged in to your application to leave feedback. Without that user ID, feedback widgets will not be displayed.


Can I hide the user names from the widget?

Yes. When your developers install the widget code, they can specify the user name that is passed in. For example, they could pass in initials only, just first names, or "Guest."

Note: The name that your developers pass in is the same name that will then be visible to you in Aha! Ideas when you review your users' feedback.


Can the feedback be visible on a per-user and/or per-customer basis?

Not at this time. The in-app feedback widget currently supports an interactive discussion amongst all the people who can see the widget in your product.


Can in-app feedback work like a submit-only portal for ideas?

A submit-only portal allows people to create ideas, but not to see or interact with other ideas in the portal. We are considering adding this capability to the in-app feedback widget in the future, but the widget will not work like a submit-only portal currently.


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